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I was 28 years of age and started getting acne. I never had that problem when I was a teenager, so thought I was blessed with good skin and didn’t have to worry about dermatologist visits and acne fighting creams.

I was on birth control pills from age 23-28 to regulate my mentral cycle and relieve severe period cramps. I decided to stop taking them because remembering to take the pill every day at the same time becomes annoying. 

About a month after giving up the pill, I noticed my pores getting clogged, little bumps on my face and my skin getting irritated and itchy very easily. All this eventually turned into pimples, getting a zit was becoming quite common as well as dry patchy skin. I kept wondering, why am I getting acne now? I blame it on birth control. My hormones going crazy and trying to find balance again.

Clogged pores and small pimples around the chin and cheeks under my BB cream.

Desperately wanting to get rid of it, I ventured off to the beauty clinics to get a series of chemical peels and laser treatments. Thousands of dollars later, they worked but only temporarily before the flare ups popped up all over my face again. 

Around the time this happened, Korean beauty was becoming more recognized in North America. Watching Youtubers talk about the Korean beauty products they were using and the 13 step skincare routine they went through to achieve healthy, glowing skin, I was determined to get my hands on these miracle products. Toners, essences, serums, ampoules and bb creams did not make my skin any better. My face became even more dry and more irritated. 

My mother came to visit me and noticed my skin. She recommended this one product to use and seriously after a couple weeks, my skin was clearing up. Curious about what product she recommended? I’ll talk more about it in part 2! Stay tuned!